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What Is Happening With The RAF’s New Actuarial Panel?

6 Actuaries

For those who don’t know (I would imagine you would be claimants attorneys and disgruntled defendants attorneys) the RAF has announced that it is to implement a new panel of 6 actuaries, who will be appointed on a rotational basis at branch level, to calculate loss of income and support claims for the RAF and its panel attorneys.

It would seem that should a defendant’s attorney want to appoint an actuary on a matter he or she would have to send a request to the relevant branch and they will then issue him/her with a name from the new panel based on a rotational allocation system whereafter the attorney would then send the actuary the instruction.

The new panel and the rotational system was initially set to be implemented on 1 April 2013 which might have caused some confusion out there as to whether you, as a defendant attorney, have to appoint actuaries from the new panel.

The answer is NO, the implementation date of 1 April 2013 has been postponed sine die, hence you can still appoint IAC or any other actuary you used to appoint.

I will keep you updated of any progress or developments herein.

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